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Upon assuming the role of abbot, Alberic moved the site of the fledgling community near a brook a short distance away from the original site.

Alberic discontinued the use of Benedictine black garments in the abbey and clothed the monks in white habits of undyed wool.

Un ouvrage qui fera date dans l’histoire de Morimond que tout passionné de l’abbaye se doit d’avoir dans sa bibliothèque !

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The most striking feature in the reform was the return to manual labour, especially agricultural work in the fields, a special characteristic of Cistercian life.

Cistercian architecture is considered one of the most beautiful styles of medieval architecture.

Fruit d’un travail de plusieurs années il comble un manque dans l’édition des actes des abbayes filles de Cîteaux.It was in this village that a group of Benedictine monks from the monastery of Molesme founded Cîteaux Abbey in 1098, with the goal of following more closely the Rule of Saint Benedict.The best known of them were Robert of Molesme, Alberic of Cîteaux and the English monk Stephen Harding, who were the first three abbots.Cisteaux means reeds in Old French), given to them expressly for the purpose of founding their Novum Monasterium.Robert's followers included Alberic, a former hermit from the nearby forest of Colan, and Stephen Harding, a member of an Anglo-Saxon noble family which had been ruined as a result of the Norman conquest of England.

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