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Lajjalu keram is the way of treatment (oushadha yogam) for treating most of the skin disorders.Lajjalu keram is made with the surasam (paste of the whole plant) and the kalkam (bolus) of the leaves boiled in coconut oil. Similarly dandruff can be effectively treated with this herb.One simple way to improve immunity in people with asthma is to take vegetable soup as detailed.A big unskinned potato, a small onion, one big unskinned carrot, three garlic cloves are cleaned thoroughly and allowed to boil in a litre of water. Yogasanas help a lot in improving asthmatic conditions.People suffering from dry cough and asthma can benefit from the medicinal properties of badam (almonds). This milk is taken for five days morning and evening on empty stomach, one hour before food.

These preparations are available at all leading Ayurveda stores, both online and offline. All seeta veerya herbs can be used to treat diseases involving excessive blood flow. For example bleeding piles or haemorrhoids can be treated using this herb.

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Some Ayurvedic tips for Asthmatic Patients During a flare up of asthma, patients would benefit from taking easily digestible food in lesser than usual quantity.

Lukewarm water should be used for drinking and washing purposes.

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Asthmatic patients can try this process to loosen phlegm in chest as well as relieve congestion.