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Rainbow Six: Siege’s Year 2 Season 4 is inbound, with Operation White Noise being officially revealed last week alongside a teaser for its upcoming map, Mok Myeok.

It seems that Ubisoft has since revealed a little more than it intended, as details of its upcoming attacking operator come to life in an official blog post.

You will also need to have either Chrome or Firefox on your computer, as this application does not work well with Internet Explorer.Dokkaebi is an attacker belonging to South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion, which Ubi describes as “stubborn and daring.” This is particularly shown by her introduction to the team, as Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam hacked her way into the organisation in a matter of days, simply to say “Hello, Rainbow Six.” While her gadget is yet to be fully detailed, it heavily revolves around the gadget displayed on her right arm that will allow her to attempt some form of hacking.This could potentially relate to enemy cams, which could spell disaster for the enemy team, even more so if you’re echo.The CORDON isn’t objectionably large, and can be mounted on any stable object including overhead signs or a construction sign trailer or speed trailer.It can also determine bus and taxi lane violations through license plate recognition. Not all municipalities use speed cameras and some that do can only issue a ticket if the driver’s face can clearly be seen – something the CORDON doesn’t try to do in the demo video below.

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